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Film Festival 2012


Brescello, the cinematographic “little world”.

The 10th edition of the Film Festival will take place on the 23-29-30 June.

The 10th edition of the Festival of “the cinematographic Little World” will take place in Brescello, the famous village of Don Camillo and Peppone.
Many short films based on the themes  “Without boundaries- provincial stories” or “Stories of others” or ” The pleasures of life” or cooking stories will be screened.

This 10th edition wants to promote, through the  independent audiovisual productions, both “fiction” and “documentaries”, protraying landscapes, places, customs and values of the Italian province, and, on the other hand, describing the social and cultural influence of the immigration on the local population and territory.

“ The Italian cinema in the 50s and 60s gave many signifacant images in order to understand our history and culture,that became famous all over the world” said Virginio Dall’Aglio,  Director of the Festival. “For this reason, we think it is important to support constantly new film production that promotes local values and costumes .

Proiezione in piazza