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This is the  “Paese di Don Camillo e Peppone” Foundation!
Brescello, famous for the movies based on the stories written by Giovannino Guareschi, has improved its cultural and tourist services thanks to this Foundation which has the task of advertising the most significant places in the village and the museums.
The tourist office is in Cavallotti street 24, in a wonderful Art Nouveau building dated the first decade of the 20th century, where there was a Music School.
Inside one can visit the new Museum “Brescello and Guareschi” created in order to integrate the existing tourist and cultural offer of Brescello.
On the ground floor there is the tourist office run by two tour operators,  available for each kind of request for information (also in English and German) about the visit of the village and its museums and the organisation of a trip or a guided tour in Brescello.
Thanks to an agreement with local restaurants, hotels and shops, tourists can choose menus and different kinds of accomodation at fixed prices.
One can book everything at the tourist office. On this website one can find all the information necessary to organize a wonderfull stay in Brescello.

Board of directors

President: Luigi Allegri

Vice- President: Marika Bonazzi

Councillor: Enrico Davolio

“Paese di Don Camillo e Peppone” Foundation

Cavallotti street 24

42041 Brescello RE

Tel: +39 (0)522 482564


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